Anchorites, an abreviation of the Anchorites of the Chapel of the Blind Cather of the Sidlehorn Pass, is the name of a group of immortal who owe their lenghtened existence to the psycho-decantering of innocent souls.

The Twelve Anchorites Edit

A highly selective atemporal elite, Anchorites try never to count more than twelve members. The recruitment is usually done by other members agreeing on another member to join their ranks. It is unknown how the Numbers change in case of death of a member. Here is a list of identified ones :

  • Pfenninger (First Anchorite)

Pfenninger is the founder of the group and its de-facto leader.

  • Immaculée Constantin (Second Anchorite)

Immaculée Constantin is the second in command

  • Joseph Rhîmes (Third Anchorite)

According to Marinus, he was around 170 years old.

  • Elijah d'Arnocq (Fourth Anchorite)

Note: due to a probable editing mistake, Elijah d'Arnocq is refered to as the Fifth Anchorite, while Imhoff bears the same number later in the story. Since Elijah seems to have been one of the early recruitments of Pfenninger, we decided to put him to number Four.

  • Imhoff (Fifth Anchorite )
  • Osterby ( Sixth Anchorite)
  • Westhuizen (Seventh Anchorite)
  • Cammerer (Eighth Anchorite)
  • Hugo Lamb (Ninth Anchorite)

Note: there being no mention of a Ninth Anchorite and Hugo Lamb never revealing his number, the Nine was assigned to him based on Logic.

  • Rivas-Godoy (Tenth Anchorite)
  • O'Dowd (Eleventh Anchorite)
  • Drummond Brzycki (Twelfth Anchorite)

The latest recruitment of the Anchorites, considered as "weak" by the Horologists.

Du Nord is also mentioned as part of the list of Anchorites but his never given a number...